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£1.065m for a new city pad and business banking​​

Successful business entrenprenuer builds on a substantial property portfolio

Our client, over a sucessful business career spanning more than four decades, has seen investing in commercial and residential property ​as a way of creating workable assets that have, for the majority of time in ownership, gained in value incrementally.  For his latest addition to the portfolio, Citizen was asked to plan the funding package

Building a workable case for funding

Funding the initiative wasn’t straightforward.  Although the homestead was owned outright, our client’s lack of working capital necessitated the expeditious release of equity reserves in assets and property. However, with an agricultural tie on the  property combined with the funding limitations of our client’s age made it difficult to find a natural match in the high street. So we settled on a two stage debt funding strategy that solved the initial capital requirement through a specialist lender and then would follow on with a conventional commercial mortgage once new ownership arrangements were in place. 
stage1: Bridging loan (1to12 months term)
stage 2: Commercial mortgage (30 years term) 

Signs of growth

In-depth planning 

​​First stage funds reached our client at the beginning of February 2018. The development is now underway and retail takings accelerating to 120% of first period expectations. Happy client ;)
 ​​​​After an in-depth consultation with Citizen’s strategy team and FCA partner, we recommended a move away from the rigour of day to day pastoralfarming and to use the farm environment to create three food service destinations that had at their core heritage and food quality, attributes synonymous with our client. Each one capable of individual monetisation, but together they work as a unique economic eco-system with an inherently high value ‘field to the plate’ solution. An innovative, commercial expression of farm diversification that would stimulate farm productivity, establish an undiluted selling relationship with consumers, and create a blueprint for a farm foods solution to scale and franchise in the future.
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